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Jenolan Caves Colourful Day Trip | From Sydney and Katoomba

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Sydney pickup
Katoomba pickup

Wilderness, wildlife and cave tour!

Day Trip – Sydney Pick-Up

Looking for a unique day trip?

The Jenolan Caves, located on the western side of the Blue Mountains, are some of the oldest caves in the world and Australia’s most spectacular cave system. You’ll take a 1.5 hour cave tour, stop at the famous Three Sisters in the heart of the Blue Mountains, see wild kangaroos and wallabies in a secluded bush clearing, and take in breathtaking views over the wilderness of the Grose Valley.

Day Trip – Katoomba Pickup

The Jenolan Caves are one of the world’s most spectacular cave formations, located west of the stunning Blue Mountains National Park.

Your trip to the Jenolan Caves will be one to remember! We go sightseeing, walking, wildlife spotting, check out some awesome viewing points in the Blue Mountains, and take an underground cave tour!